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WATCH: El Salvador Drops Video Saying Healthy Lifestyle Reduces COVID Complications

The president of El Salvador just released a new video suggesting that a healthy lifestyle prevents COVID complications. No where in the video is vaccination or masking mentioned. Rather, the video says things like “Older adults and people with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic illness are the groups at the most risk of mortality“.

The video suggests people do the following: Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, practice outdoor activities, getting fresh air and sunlight, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, and cutting down on stress. The video even suggests to avoid alcohol consumption.

El Salvador’s message is worlds different from that of other countries that are incessantly advertising vaccination and mask wearing–none of which have mentioned things people can do a-priori to COVID infection. Obesity and type-2 diabetes are leading causes of COVID-19 complications, and, obviously, the things that El Salvador is recommending for its citizens helps prevent those conditions.


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