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WATCH: Black Woman Annihilates Leftist BLM Supporter

In arguably the most satisfying video of 2021, a black woman unloaded on a white BLM supporter during a protest.

The woman made valid points. She says to the BLM supporter, “You are supporting an organization that does not like black men, and as a black woman, I can tell you how important black men are to the black family. Without them we are nothing.

She’s right. Virtually every metric imaginable dwindled once out-of-wedlock births surged in the black community, onset by LBJ’s Great Society. From 1965 to 1990 out-of-wedlock births increased by 41%, and with it an increase in crime, poverty and illiteracy.

Children who are born in two-parent homes enjoy incredible privilege. Statistically, this model provides children with the best chances at a generally positive trajectory in life. But, BLM panders a message that is anti-nuclear family. A message that is deleterious to black lives. BLM thinks that the nuclear family is “Western prescribed” and posits this is engrained with racism–This is false, however, a Western prescription shouldn’t matter if it’s beneficial to black communities. BLM’s hostility to the nuclear model adds to the obvious evidence (like destroying black businesses in 2020) they doesn’t care about black people in reality.

The woman also alludes to the fact that many white BLM supporters, and postmodernists in general, step over the voices of black communities to assume they know what they want. She says, “I don’t need your privilege to tell me, or to justify who I am in America. This is my country! And I don’t have to have you to co-sign to tell me my life matters. That insinuates that you think your voice is bigger and better than mine.

Is truth is, BLM-SJW types really think their voices are more important that the layman black person. How do we know this? Any time a black person has a different point of view than that of the BLM-SJW mob, it will be dispensed with. The Jussie Smollett case is a perfect example. BLM rallied around Smollett, publishing a statement in support of his lies. But, they withheld support from the two other black men who testified Smollett paid them to fake the crime. The difference between the two parties was Smollett was pro BLM.

If BLM-SJW types really cared about black people, they would immediately drop their signs and listen to people seen in the video above.

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