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They’re Coming For The Kids

Photo by Ted Eytan on Flickr. License can be viewed here.

Bottom Up Effects

Keeping the sex and gender conversation between only parents and their children is becoming more heterodox. Culture is increasingly dominated by wokeism from all fronts; academia, media, higher education, and now the current administration. For now, children may not be overly exposed to sexual vectors because they’re mostly top-down effects, as in, effects that trickle down from culture. But, if wokeism doesn’t get to your children from the top down, it’ll get to them from the bottom up. They’re coming for the minds of your children – via your child’s favorite show.

This May, Blue’s Clues and You aired a pride parade special on their YouTube Channel. The episode was a sort of musical sing-along, featuring multiple types of animals celebrating Pride Month and riding floats. Nina West, a drag queen icon (in pixelated from), leads the sing-along with a catchy tune.

The details of what is said in the video is less concerning here. Rather, what is concerning is how cunning the message is. The video doesn’t articulate sex and gender explicitly. In fact, it ceases to explain what they really even are. But explaining the details is not the point of the video.

How It Works

At their age young children haven’t fully grasped what “family” or “sex and gender” are and are susceptible to influence. The point of the video is to show children viewers whatever this concept of sex and gender is, it is without boundaries. It doesn’t need to explain the details, it just explains the concept to sway the minds of curious children.

The video does this by displaying groups of animals that are composed of multiple species and quantities (often in groups of 5 to 6), then, calling them “families”. This gets the message across to the child that a family can be anything – that it is boundless. The episode explicitly states “some people choose their family” and “all families are made differently”. It is obvious the episode is trying to move away from the normative, nuclear family concept with this type of rhetoric, perhaps referencing polygamous groups.

An early child can’t understand family dynamics, sex, or gender precisely. But, they can understand “Whatever this is, it can be anything!”

It doesn’t stop there.

Last June Nickelodeon aired celebratory LGBTQ commercials. The broadcaster claims these commercials were not intended for young children and were instead aired during times meant for older audiences. However, Nickelodeon defines “older audiences” peoples above the age of 6. USA TODAY tried to debunk complaints that the commercials were meant for adolescents, but this only holds if they agree with Nickelodeon’s definition of “older audience”.

6 year olds haven’t even hit puberty yet.

Nickelodeon continues to signal wokeism at children. Just this month, the broadcaster released a video on their YouTube channel titled “The Meaning of Pride”. Again, the drag queen Nina West leads a sing-a-long. The video seeks to explain all the colors of the Pride Flag in a song obviously meant for children. If wokeism can’t get to your kids from the top down, it will try to reach them from the bottom-up. Now, more than ever, we need to protect our children’s minds and hearts.


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