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They’re Coming For The Kids: Part 2

Photo credit goes to World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr. The license for this photo can be viewed here.

Indeed, the woke are coming for America’s adolescents. When shielded in the home children aren’t easily accessible from the top-down effects of culture. Thus, woke ideologues try to influence young minds via the bottom-up effects of television and the internet. Its evident after discoveries by Project Veritas the indoctrination of children isn’t single-pronged.

Teachers are pillars of society and their profession is an honorable one. However, because they play a critical role in society its concerning with they begin indoctrinating students.

Project Veritas journalists have exposed some of the most explicit highschool indoctrination seen all 2021. The highschool teacher Gabriel Gipe was recorded undercover at a coffee shop, where he admitted “I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries”. The way he does this, in his own words: “Scare the *explicative* out of them”.

The teacher said he gives students extra credit to show up at activist events and protests.

Gipe, wearing a USSR shirt, was publicly approached but refused to answer questions or give comment on his statements.

It’s concerning how fringe the educator is. Gipe is a professing ANTIFA member–the allegedly anti-facist militia-group that shows up to conservative events and Christian worship services to harass and harm attendees. They battered someone’s head with a crowbar last year, and they frequently assault media press who attempt to record them at activist events. One member was arrested for a stabbing.

Obviously, Gipe doesn’t hide his views from his students. He displays an ANTIFA flag in the classroom accompanied by a headshot of Mao Zedong–chairman of the Chinese Communist Party from 1943 to 1976 whose reign resulted in the death of 40–80 million Chinese people. Either Gipe is supportive of Mao’s treacherous reign, or he is unfamiliar with basic history. Nonetheless, Gipe is unqualified to be teaching the minds of future Americans.

This educator isn’t the only one indoctrinating highschool students. Funny enough, teachers are exposing themselves on Tik Tok. A California teacher’s Tik Tok went viral where she claims she took down the American flag in her classroom because it made her feel uncomfortable–but she left up the “Inclusive Pride” flag.

In the same Tik Tok, she tells a story of her student who inquires why the American flag is absent. The teacher responds, suggesting to the student they can “pledge allegiance” to another flag–the one she replaced the American flag with.

Thankfully, both teachers have been removed from the classroom.

Bottom-up indoctrination isn’t the only vector to be concerned about. It originally seemed top-down indoctrination was only of concern after highschool, but here’s evidence it’s creeping into the education system. How long until indoctrination will seep into middleschool, then elementary school? Will homeschooling be the final option for the family?


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