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Should You Get The Jab? Maybe.

Photo credits go to Agência Brasîlia on Flickr. The license can be viewed here.

Mandates, of any kind, are illogical now that vaccines are available. In sum: Those who remain unvaccinated have consciously accepted risk a-priori. If an unvaccinated person infects another unvaccinated person, neither suffer ethical fault because both parties have accepted this risk. This, is called freedom.

Is COV*D a threat? It isn’t insignificant. Many of us know someone in our extended circle that’s died from the virus. The existence of COVID is undeniable, but the data suggest COV*D doesn’t kill an enormous number of people–nothing compared to small-pox, which came with a 30% mortality rate.

The question: Should I get the jab? It depends. It depends on your libertarian choice, ultimately. You don’t have to get the jab if you don’t want it. Even if you’re 500 pounds, have asthma and an extensive medical history. You have the freedom to accept COVID risk. It’s up to you in the final analysis. When making your decision you “should” do what is rational. When I use the word “should” I’m assuming you’re trying to avoid mortality or serious complications. The word “should” does not imply a moral standard here.

What’s rational depends on your values and situation. Not everyone has the same set of circumstances. Some are healthy, some are not. Some are old, some are not. The rational choice is contingent upon your situation because the trade-offs shift depending on it.

Case 1: Type 2 Diabetic, Obese and 60+ Years Old

In this case it would be rational to get the jab. Sure, there’s some risk involved because you aren’t sure of the long-term complications–but there is more risk of death from COVID. The chances of an aberrant reaction from the jab are, let’s say, 0.25% (these are ballpark estimates used to conceptualize). But the chance of death from COVID is greater. It’s well known obesity increases your chances of having COVID complications. And though there isn’t tons of information on diabetes, a recent publication in Frontiers of Endocrinology suggests diabetics may experience rapid COVID onset.

Getting the jab wouldn’t be acting out of fear, either. It seems getting the jab would be out of rationality.

You must make a trade-off somewhere. No decision has zero risk. But, picking the decision with less risk is smart.

Case 2: Young, Generally Healthy Female Who Wants To Conceive

It’s unlikely you die from COVID. We know most COVID deaths are among the elderly and those who have a-priori health conditions. But here, you’re healthy, and likely have adequate function of your immune system.

The chance of an aberrant reaction from the jab is slim, but it’s still there. A few publications report strange neurological conditions post-jab, and some data suggest females have a higher chance of these reactions. Note these data are not conclusive. A handful of aberrant reactions on Twitter have come to attention, but these are anecdotes.

A video of an Instagram influencer who experienced an aberrant reaction.

It shouldn’t be glossed over that you desire children in the future; the jab hasn’t been tested for fertility affects. You simply don’t know. The risk may be quite small, but you aren’t completely sure. Given modern vaccine technology the jab will likely not affect your ability to conceive, but if that risk actualizes the cost will be immense. Not being able to have children would ruin you.

Let’s say your chances of dying from COVID are 0.25% and your chances of having an aberrant reaction from the jab are similar. Given you are young and healthy, a COVID infection won’t likely result in long-term consequences. In fact, you’ll likely fight it off and be fine. On the other hand, an aberrant reaction to the jab may be life-altering. The kicker here is you simply don’t know.

It isn’t irrational to bet on your immune system here. It makes even more sense if you’ve already had COVID because you have anti-bodies.

Many in this camp have chosen to get the jab. And that’s okay–you have the right to accept risk where you choose. Everyone’s situation is different.

In The Final Analysis

Many make line-in-the-sand claims about whether to get the jab or not get the jab. But this is not the way life works. Life is about trade-off decisions. You can’t get away from them. There is no solution that is full-proof.

It’s impossible to group everyone’s situation in the “yes you should” or “no you shouldn’t” bin. You must conduct your own risk assessment, choose what you value most and then choose your trade-off.


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