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Pride Month Recap: Adults Exposing Themselves To Children, Kids Dancing In Drag Shows

Photo by Ted Eytan on Flickr.

Conservatives took many wins this Pride Month. Roe vs Wade met its end, and 2nd Amendment rights were upheld against the left’s reactionary bombardment after the Uvalde tragedy. While conservatives made headway establishing culture, sexual progressives continued to degenerate during their sacred holy month. Deranged adults were exposing their genitals to children in the streets. Some organized child drag shows for their enjoyment.

One event dubbed “Drag The Kids To Pride” was advertised as a family-friend drag show meant for children. Inside the building hung a neon-sign that read “It’s not gonna lick itself”. Grown adults were dressed in sexual outfits and encouraged the children to throw money at them. One dancer walked down the make-shift aisle with a young boy. Two babies were in attendance.

These events were in buildings, but the parades themselves weren’t as shy. At one parade, a giant stuffed bear was bounded in leather bondage aboard a float. One child said as the float passed by, “What the heck are they doing to that bear?”

This is tame. As reported by The Post Millennial, a transgender “adult filmmaker” organized a Pride themed photo-shoot for children at Colonel Summers Park, Oregon. The flyer states, “kids will be partnered with a trans or queer photographer for a 30 to 45 minute photo-shoot in the park” and requested parents indicate if they will attend with their child or not. It seems, the event was taking in unaccompanied children.

Oregon produced other obscenities. During another parade, a group of naked men bicycled in front of multiple children and youth. A video of the scene shows a young boy and girl staring at the naked men in confusion.

An Omaha brewery hosted a literal child drag-show. They posted a child dancing on their Instagram story.

“It is their parents’ decision on what form of entertainment they subject them [kids] to.” said drag star Alyssa Edwards in response to introduced legislation that would prevent children from attending drag-shows. The consequences of sexual liberalism come to mind fast after mulling over the aformentioned debauchery. Without any objective principals, except the principal that there is none, there are no guard rails to prevent demented parents from subjecting their children to sexual licentiousness. This, opens the door for predators and sexual deviance of the worst kind.

Call it what it is. It’s unashamed grooming.

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