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PhD Student Who Watched Child Pornography As “Research” Also Started A Magazine Sexualizing Pre-Teens

Karl Andersson, Manchester University

A PhD student at The University of Manchester, who published an academic article that elucidated masturbating to Japanese youth was a “research” methodology, also started a magazine that sexualized young boys according to The Post Millennial.

Destroyer, the first of Karl Andersson’s creations, branded itself as “the leading international teenage boy magazine”. According to PM, boys as young as 13 were featured in the magazine, and Karl Andersson is on record saying “In Destroyer, I took everything to its limit … The boys were supposed to be very young and sexually mature. … Destroyer was about making the models objects.”

The magazine was criticized during its hayday. Andersson linked the criticism to homophobia arguing that children crying at funerals was analogous to pedophilc pornography.

Andersson has bragged about the age of the boys during interviews, “The models in Destroyer are well under 18.”

Likely sparked by public outrage which resulted in the retraction of his academic article and conservative investigative journalism, Andersson is now under investigation by the Greater Manchester Police according to Breitbart. Possession of child pornography, even if it is hand-drawn, is illegal in the U.K.

Breitbart reports Andersson’s academic paper may violate the law, “GMP received a report in relation to this matter in August 2022 and have since launched an investigation. We are working closely with the University of Manchester who are assisting us with our enquiries to establish what, if any offences have been committed.”

Apparently, Andersson is highly influenced by the postmodernist philosopher Michel Foucault, who allegedly raped young boys in cemeteries. Andersson himself reported on his personal blog his acquaintances read the alleged child-rapist, too, “On Saturday I had an improvised coffee and croissant with J, followed by a walk. Turns out he’s reading Foucault too (Madness and Civilisation) but had given up on Bataille’s Eroticism (very understandable). Today (Sunday) I walked and talked with A.” he said. The researcher seems to keep the names of people hidden on the blog and only reffers to them with single characters.

Andersson joins a growing list of academic who have come out as friendly with pedophilia. Last year, a professor resigned who defended using the term “minor attracted person” when referencing pedophiles. The professor appeared on Prostasia, a non-profit advocating for the destigmatization of pedophilies to discuss the term. A SUNY Fredonia philosophy professor last year argued that “adult child sex” should be legalized. The professor later stepped down following public controversy.

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