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Leftists Show Their True Colors: Clarence Thomas Called Racial Slurs

Photo by Preston Keres on Flickr.

So much for “raising minority voices”.

Recently, the pro-life camp triumphed over the 50 year reign of Roe vs Wade. Now, thanks to 5 of the SCOTUS justices, the question of abortion will be allocated to the states. Which is where it belonged all this time given the most basic reading of The Constitution doesn’t encode any right to abortion as enshrined by “privacy”.

Leftists followed up in expected outrage, showing how they feel about minorities thinking in ways contrary to their vision. Twitter mobs hurled racial slurs at Clarence Thomas, one of the justices in support of overturning Roe vs Wade, calling him “n__ger”, “Uncle Tom” and other racial slurs.

Liberal Canadian pundit John Corbett tweeted, “Just another dumb field n__ger”. Samuel Jackson joined in:

Liberals pointing out the racism of Samuel Jackson’s tweet were noticeably absent, but many joined in on vilifying the justice. Some took to Twitter’s “Spaces” feature to attack Thomas. According to Adam B. Coleman from WrongSpeak Publishing, someone called the justice a racial slur in front of a panel of black people. No one spoke up according to Adam’s account.

If white silence is violence, this was straight up homicide.

Here, we can observe the true nature of leftism. Leftists advocate for “diversity”, “inclusion” and “representation of minority voices”, though given recent events, these terms are mere pseudonyms. What they mean in truth is “diversity, but only if you think like we tell you to”, “inclusion, but we’ll only include you if you agree with our talking points”, and “representation of minority voices, unless those voices have different opinions than we expect them to have”.

It’s ironic. Clarence’s support of overturning Roe may actually increase “diversity”. There have been 121 justices confirmed for the SCOTUS in the history of The United States. Three of those justices were/are black. Those would be Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas, and Ketanji Jackson. Almost 40% of women who have abortions are black according to Pew Research Center.

The true colonialism is the colonization of the minority mind. White liberals seethe when their territory escapes them, and they shout racial slurs they once expelled from their vernacular only to use them again to ostracize minorities who dare dissent from their ideology. After all, 4 out of the 5 justices who voted for overturning Roe were white. Why is it Clarence is receiving much of the progressive back lash? Consider it’s a little more than unconscious bias.

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