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Leftist Twitter Account Forgets Republicans Won Civil War

Photo credit goes to David Shankbone on Flickr. License can be viewed here.

Blue-checkmark @OccupyDemocrats published a ranting tweet censuring Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene’s alleged support of a “national divorce”. Senator MTG replied to a tweet that mentioned citizens fleeing from Democrat run states which said, “I support actively discriminating against transplants like this through legislation. They shouldn’t be able to vote for a period, and they should have to pay a tax for their sins,” in which MTG replied with a retweet, “All possible in a national divorce scenario“.

The senator has alluded to a national divorce earlier this year in a twitter poll:

In outrage, the @OccupyDemocrats accounts tweeted the following:

Anyone with a middle-schooler’s background in American history will recognize the fault in @OccupyDemocrats tweet. Republicans won The Civil War, and were the ones who fought against Democrats in support of slavery.

The blue check-mark proceeded attach another tweet to insult the senator, calling her “an idiot”, and implored their audience to follow their account if they’re an agreeing Democrat who wants the latest news.

@OccupyDemocrats does this often: They praised the cancellation of Joe Rogan’s show in Vancouver, Canada, which was called because Rogan is not vaccinated and cannot enter the country. The twitter account tweeted, “RT IF YOU THINK JOE ROGAN IS A FOOL!”.

However, it seems @OccupyDemocrats would be giving those followers faulty information on American history, and who advocated for the freedom of slaves in the Antebellum South.

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