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Leftism Is Losing Steam: The Online And Geographic Exodus

Photo credit goes to Ted Eytan on Flickr. Creative commons license.

The red wave we saw sweep the gubernatorial elections this year was indicative of a temperament change in the American people. Many blue-collar, average families of every color came out against the ideologies of Critical Race theory and sexual liberalism. Their voices adopted the form of a voting ballot and pushed Virginia’s governor Glenn Youngkin into a winning slot. For Republicans, this moment was celebratory. Biden won Virginia in 2020.

Youngkin’s win embodied people exhausted by leftist ideology and the moral reprehensibility that follows it. The angry mothers who exposed the pedophilic books in their local school’s libraries, and the press coverage of men (dressed as women) sexually assaulting girls in restrooms didn’t help the leftists’ cause. Liberal media slandered these Youngkin voters, and to no surprise, tried to paint them racist. The same media didn’t celebrate the election of Virginia’s first black woman lieutenant governor with the same vigor their slander carried, interesting enough.

Those elections foreshadowed a geographic exodus. New York saw a population decrease of over 300,000 in 2021 and Illinois’ dropped at record rates. California’s population trends upward historically, but this year less people are moving there and opting for red states instead. Republican-ran states dominated the top ten slots for resident move-ins according to a recent United Van Lines survey. Blue states were well represented in move-outs.

But, looking at these data in Red versus Blue isn’t the only way of seeing them. One will notice the states with the most 2021 out-flows are the ones where government overreach was exercised the most. Maybe these blue state refugees have realized red states are the only places remaining where you’re able to conduct your own risk-analysis and carry on with life in a way that suits you. The left fears this, and The White House has responded by curbing its COVID Safeism message. Consumer and travel metrics are high while COVID cases are surging. This, suggests that Americans are over the pandemic.

The jig is up for the leftist COVID narrative. Republicans can continue to leverage their position in this arena by moving past the pandemic and offer freedom instead of meaningless mandates that don’t even stop the spread of COVID.

Taking a bird’s eye view of the second half of 2021, the left was forced to absorb a flurry of blunders. On top of the electoral defeats the left’s prized media outlet, CNN, started to see their viewership decline. Chris Cuomo’ show hit an all-time low in November, and then the star was fired after he was caught pulling strings for his brother’s legal case. All of this was happening while Fox News was soaring. Two pedophilic scandals surfaced among CNN staff the following month, too, adding salt to their wounds.

Twitter, a leftist stronghold for information flow, took a hit as well. In enforcement of its updated COVID misinformation policies, Twitter permanently banned Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The social media behemoth has a past of censoring and banning ideologically conservative voices–like the former president of The United States and Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report. This censorship backfired after Joe Rogan, the internet giant and host of the most popular podcast in the world, tweeted for people to get off Twitter and move to heterodox Gettr. Soon after, Gettr experienced the highest number of accounts created in its history. These platforms that herald free speech and minimal censorship are slowly creeping up behind the leading technocratic giants. It’s true that Twitter may never be knocked off its throne, and it’s still up in the air if Gettr will evolve to something comparable, though the right has an opportunity to build steam behind a narrative that already has momentum. That narrative is freedom, and the arena is technology, COVID policy, and the liberties your state “allows” you to exercise.

All of these data and events correlate with Biden’s approval ratings that have have been falling since August 2021. As of January 4, 2022 he’s barely over 43% approval. Kamala Harris’ ratings are even worse. Putting two and two together it doesn’t seem this eery idealogical shift, taking the form of Americans moving geographically, virtually, and recently with votes is flippant. Something–maybe something big–is happening. There’s a crack in the armor of The Blob.

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