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Kyle Rittenhouse–Definitely Not A White Supremacist

Photo credit goes to Antioch Police Department.

On August 25, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse killed two men and injured another after being chased by a mob and hit in the head with a skateboard. Rittenhouse was there in Kenosha, armed with an AR–15, to protect a Car Source lot from BLM rioters and render aid to those who may need it. According to Rittenhouse, he and a friend felt they should do so after watching their community burn on television.

After Rittenhouse turned himself in to Antioch Police Department, and arrested thereafter, his name was splattered all over the media. Such a media reaction is warranted considering what happened. But the picture media outlets painted was a dishonest one; and it outright defamed Kyle’s likeness. Dozens of media outlets claimed Rittenhouse was a “vigilante” and white supremacist. President Biden joined in on the slander, adding to the conjoining of Rittenhouse’s name and white supremacy.

The entirety of the leftist blob slandered Rittenhouse, and now the words “white supremacy” will forever we attached to the 17 year old’s name. Though, when looking at the facts, if Rittenhouse is a white supremacist he’s the worst one of all time.

A blatant fact is that Rittenhouse only killed (and injured) white people. Sure, Rittenhouse was defending a business from BLM rioters and looters, which may have been saturated with non-white persons. However, that doesn’t necessarily allude to Rittenhouse’s conscience and if it was motivated by racial prejudice–applying Occam’s Razor, it’s more plausible that he was only there to do what he said he was there to do. Which is, defend the Car Zone and render aid to people. There’s even video of him sporting a med-kit and yelling “medical!”.

Those trying and create a white-supremacist caricature of Rittenhouse will be disappointed to find the Car Source owners weren’t white. The lot is owned by the Khindri family. None of non-white skin were harmed by Rittenhouse, moreover, he was protecting a business owned by non-whites.

Trying to amalgamate this with white supremacy is grasping for straws.

Rittenhouse was interviewed by Tucker Carlson shortly after the court of law acquitted him. Rittenhouse tells Tucker the whole story, from start to finish, basically. But what Rittenhouse said when Tucker asked him about the white-supremacist slander leaves anyone trying to paint him as such with zero argument.

Why do you think people were burning Car Source? What does that have to do with civil rights?” Carlson asked Rittenhouse.

I… I don’t know. I think it was opportunists taking advantage of the BLM movement. I.. I agree with the BLM movement. I agree everybody has the right to protest and assemble … ” Rittenhouse replied. This statement is about as equitable as it gets. Rittenhouse agrees with the BLM movement, and a white-supremacist would never posit that people of color retain the right to protest and assemble. White-supremacists think that people with caucasian skin are of a higher order–such a belief sets a precedent that non-whites have less rights than whites.

Considering his comments during the Carlson interview, how could Rittenhouse be a white supremacist when he was in the cross-hairs of BLM at one point? If he had a speck of white-supremacy in his heart, his comments likely would have been more jaded, to say the least.

But Rittenhouse wields the correct view: that all have equal rights based on solely their humanity.


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