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Kendi Defeated Himself.

Photo credit is give to Montclair Film on Flickr. A license for this photo can be found here.

The world-renowned “Anti-Racism” scholar, Ibram X. Kendi, tweeted out a college admissions survey which undermined the very thesis his academic brand is built upon. Shortly after realizing the conclusion of the data and what it meant for anti-racism, Kendi deleted the tweet promptly, but not without some back-pedaling and exchange between voices like Jack Posobiec and company.

Kendi is a frequent expositor of the ideas of white-privilege and systemic racism, often giving seminars and education trainings based on awareness and mitigation of the two, deemed “anti-racism”. More recently, he’s began publishing work geared towards raising adolescentsand even babies–to not only be friendly towards anti-racist theory, but rather to be full-on activists. He is author of the best selling books “How To Be An Antiracist” and “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You“. Kendi directs the Boston University Center for Anti-Racism Research and puts on high dollar training events for educators looking to integrate anti-racism into the classroom.

The survey Kendi made reference to was conducted and published by, an allegedly zero-bias organization that aids pre-college students by collecting, analyzing and reporting open-access data on university programs and admissions. The survey had a sample size of 1250 white university applicants and was administered via the online polling service, Pollfish, Inc.

Out of the 1250 university applicants, 34% lied about their race. However, the wooden fact that the applicants lied isn’t what’s damaging to Kendi’s white-privilege thesis, rather, it’s the intent attached to the lies. 81% of the lying applicants did so in hopes of increasing their chances of admission, or, to take advantage of the financial aid that is offered to many minority applicants. Men had a higher prevalence of lying than women. 48% versus 16%, respectively.

Most of the lying applicants identified as Native American and 10% as black, astonishingly. 13% and 8% identified as Latino and Asian, respectively.

Though the above statistics aren’t what is devastating for Kendi–it’s the results of the applicants who lied.

77% of the lying applicants were admitted. Furthermore, 85% of the lying applicants believe their pseudo-racial identification aided their admission. But, according to the anti-racist theories of Kendi, one would expect identifying as non-white would hinder an applicants chances–If this was true, why would a caucasian applicant purposefully lie about their race?

The Monday following his mishap, Kendi proceeded to tweet a barrage of articles citing statistics about race, income, schooling and SAT scores to build a case for his once-existing tweet.

“In fact, White students typically have a leg up when applying for college. The net worth of a typical White family is 10x that of a typical Black family, allowing White families to pay for high-priced test prep that artificially boosts test scores.” Kendi tweeted, and linked to a page.

In Kendi’s 14 tweet thread, he creates a straw-man and subsequently destroys it. He only cites socioeconomic and education performance statistics without getting to the heart of the issue: Why are the white applicants lying on their application? Kendi brings up variables that are irrelevant to the conversation. The a-priori variables that accompany an applicants life aren’t related to whether an admissions board is friendly (or, unfriendly) towards a race.


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