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BLM Displays Cognitive Dissonance With Statement Regarding Smollett Trial

Photo credit is given to Michael Gubi. License can be viewed here.

It’s been nearly three years since the actor Jesse Smollett turned himself into the Chicago Police Department for faking a hate crime. No one really knew who Jessee Smollet was before the event. But after Chicago Police interrogated Smollett’s “attackers” they uncovered information suggesting the entire crime was a hoax. Smollett, now found guilty by a jury, has now become the poster-boy for hate crime hoaxes.

The actor went into the trial holding his position that he didn’t fake the racist and homophobic hate crime. Without haste, Black Lives Mater released a statement regarding the case a few days ago. The statement is written by Dr. Melina Abdullah, Director of BLM Grassroots and Co-Founder of BLM Los Angeles.

It’s a short statement, but only by necessity considering the shallowness of intellect. When ones reads the statement you can’t help but think the organization is suffering a concerning case of cognitive dissonance.

As abolitionists, we approach situations of injustice with love and align ourselves with our community. Because we got us. So let’s be clear: we love everybody in our community. It’s not about a trial or a verdict decided in a white supremacist charade, it’s about how we treat our community when corrupt systems are working to devalue their lives.” the statement introduces.

The sentence is baffling. The only “white supremacist charade” is the one that Smollett has created for himself. And the temerity in claiming that a system is “corrupt” by nature is impressive, albeit ironic, as Smollett is the one guilty of malfeasance. But BLM are abolitionists, so of course any institution that may represent order and reason are oppressors by default. At least they are consistent.

The statement continues: “In our commitment to abolition, we can never believe police, especially the Chicago Police Department (CPD) over Jussie Smollett, a Black man who has been courageously present, visible, and vocal in the struggle for Black freedom.” BLM admits Smollett’s appeal to innocence is gospel irrespective of the guilty verdict and mountains of evidence in favor of the prosecutors. This is akin to a child caught with their hands in the cookie-jar but yet denying anything happened.

Aren’t Smollett’s attackers Nigerian? Why doesn’t BLM support their claims that Smollett hired them to fake the crime? The answer is obvious: they don’t fall into BLMs agenda and fail to advance the “white supremacy” narrative. They’re dispensable.

Black Lives Matter will continue to work towards the abolition of police and every unjust system. We will continue to love and protect one another, and wrap our arms around those who do the work to usher in Black freedom and, by extension, freedom for everyone else.” It doesn’t take much think to see the gaping holes in the final part of BLM’s statement. Abolishing police doesn’t improve the lives of black people. In fact, a majority of black people want police to remain present in their neighborhoods. But, under the ideology of race essentialism, all black people think the same, and swathing statements that compartmentalize people of similar appearance are commonplace.

Such flowery language is often used by BLM to convey a sense of benevolence. Yet, when BLM’s action are analyzed further, there are no acts to show. Rather, BLM’s action are evidence the organization uses black people as a scapegoat, a stepping stool, to achieve their utopian Marxist agenda. Let us not forget: BLM caused havoc on black businesses last year during the George Floyd riots last year. And when the organization began to receive support, the founder put herself in a mansion surrounded by white people.

What a gawking way to “love one another”.

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