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Fauci Is Considering Retiring, And That He Should

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Per The Post Millennial, Dr. Anthony Fauci is considering retirement in the future. Fauci appeared on ABC Podcast and answered a question about stepping away from his White House position, ” … I certainly have, because I have to do it some time. I can’t stay at this job forever, unless my staff find me slumped over at my desk one day. I’d rather not do that” Dr. Fauci is the most paid government employee with a salary of $434,312 in 2020.

Fauci’s announcement is timely if not late. COVID related deaths have declined since early February. According to The New York Times COVID tracker global deaths have hit the lowest point since July 2020.

Legislators have lifted COVID regulations in their jurisdiction in response to the waning pandemic. California—a state that mandated draconian COVID policies most of 2021—lifted mask mandates in schools and places of child care last week. New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams, announced earlier this month vaccines will not be required for most indoor activities and neither will masks be required for NYC public schools. Boston, Seattle, and Philadelphia all join New York City in lifting COVID restrictions.

In simple terms, the White House Chief Medical Advisor isn’t needed now. Mask policies don’t have a significant impact on spread and vaccines are readily available to Americans who wish to use them. Those unvaccinated likely posses natural immunity, and if it hasn’t already, COVID will likely become an endemic respiratory virus similar to that of Influenza. Since the first COVID wave and subsequent vaccines (rolled out by Trump’s Warp Speed effort) the pandemic has been left to the American people, and thus, Fauci’s role became redundant.

It ought to be remembered Dr. Fauci was a proponent of The Biden Administration’s attempt in leveraging OSHA policy to mandate a nation wide vaccine for employees. Still, Fauci is friendly towards the idea of future mandates while COVID deaths hit news lows and liberal cities ease up restrictions. Fauci said on PBS NewsHour, “I would not be surprised, Judy, if in the next few weeks we do see an uptick in cases … ” citing the BA.2 variant. Appearing on ABC 10 News he noted, “we have to be careful that if we do see a surge as a result of that that we’re flexible enough to reinstitute the kinds of interventions that could be necessary to stop and additional surge.

Reinstating restrictions for a disease that most of the United States is immune to—by vaccination or prior exposure—is unwarranted and only indicative of Fauci’s redundancy in The White House.

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