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#DeTransAwarenessDay: These Are Their Stories

Ted Eytan on Flickr. License here.

March 12 was the unofficial date for Detrans Awareness Day. Twitter was flooded with detransitioners sharing their stories about how they were sucked into postmodern gender ideology—many at a young age—but were met with regret after their transitions. Not only did the stories show that detransition is indeed possible for people experiencing regret after transition, they shed light on how easy cross-sex hormones can be prescribed to those suffering with gender dysphoria.


I began detransition in October 2019 by ceasing my testosterone injections and returning to my birth name, Sinéad. The most common question I get from those new to this discussion is, ‘why did you transition in the first place?’ Well … Like other trans people, I transitioned because I was suffering from gender dysphoria. We’re told people with dysphoria are treated with transition, right? But unlike other trans people, transition didn’t help me. I detransitioned because I experienced extreme transition regret: realizing that my desire to become a man stemmed from a variety of factors that ultimately led me to want to be someone else, not my “authentic self,” but someone (and something) else entirely. It was an escape. … My transition was fueled by self-hatred, not self-acceptance. … It’s been a long road, but on #DetransAwarenessDay I can confidently say that I am no longer gender dysphoric.

After two and a half years off testosterone Sinéad appears like she was never exposed to cross-sex hormones. Now, she serves as advisor for and Gender Dysphoria Alliance and regularly appears on podcasts to talk about detransitioning and postmodern gender ideology. Her content on Twitter has amassed a following over 23,000 people.


In April of 2019 Daisy was identifying as a man in public, but she was forming doubts about her transition. Daisy posted a YouTube video announcing her detransition after coming to terms with her regret “… it wasn’t a man’s body. No matter how many well-meaning people tried to curb my insecurity by telling me that I am just as much a man as any cis man I knew that it wasn’t true.” she said, explaining how even if she had “become” a man there would still be something missing.

As Daisy’s doubts about transitioning grew so did a newly found faith, “I didn’t understand how religious my motives were for transitioning. I wanted to be born again, but I yet to do it in Christ.” Now, she’s married. And pregnant.


Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I made an appointment at a Planned Parenthood to begin a testosterone regimen. At my first appointment, I was prescribed testosterone … ” Helena said on her Substack where she’s documented her detransition at length. Helena was sucked into gender ideology via Tumblr at the young age of 15. Eventually she identified as non-binary, and by the age of 18 she considered herself a man. She began a hefty dose of testosterone as prescribed by a Planned Parenthood clinic, but only a year later she realized the hormones weren’t doing the therapeutic effects many claim, “It had an extremely negative effect on my mental health, and I finally admitted what a disaster it had been when I was 19 …” Though Helen has successfully detransitioned after a year of cross-sex hormone treatment, her case is an example of how quick some clinics are to prescribe hormones to teenagers.

A majority of adolescents who identify as transgender eventually dissent if they are not prescribed cross-sex hormones. Leftist schools of thought push for cross-sex hormones to be available for adolescents, but consequences of those medical policies would produce more young people left in regret, altered bodies, and damaging medical consequences.

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