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Desantis Stays Based: Will Solidify Visitation Rights For Hospital Patients Despite COVID-19

Photo credit goes to Gage Skidmore on Flickr. License can be viewed here.

Last Friday, governor Ron Desantis (FL) tweeted the Florida Legislature is currently drafting legislation that will sanction hospital visitation rights. The governor said in the tweet, “COVID should not be used as an excuse to deny Floridians needed support and contact during difficult times.

Americans have seen countless stories of hospital patients barred from visiting with family and friends throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Geriatric patients have been isolated in their hospital beds. Fathers were excluded from witnessing the birth of their children. Many (mostly blue state) hospitals won’t permit unvaccinated Americans to enter the premise. In addition, a sicker type of medical discrimination has gone somewhat unnoticed by media giants—some patients have been denied life saving medical procedures due to their vaccination status. Floridians, thankfully, haven’t dealt with this absurdity. Desantis makes sure of that.

Desantis is keen—perhaps even aggressive—in his use of government power to push an agenda. That being said, Desantis uses government to push ideas that aren’t spawn of postmodern ideology. His recent Stop W.O.K.E. Act prevents critical race theory and race essentialism from invading the classroom. Instead, Desantis pushes ideas conforming to the conservative, Judeo-Christian values which shaped Western society. Values like color-blindess, liberty, and the equal but inherent worth of individuals.

It’s morally unconscionable Americans have had their visitation rights stripped from them because of an unimpressive virus—one that’s only worrisome to those with a-priori conditions or the elderly. Florida’s governor is steadfast that the state retains the basic values of liberty and rationality. This governor takes a common-sense position regarding COVID: Because there’s now a vaccine available for all, in essence, COVID is done for. Therefore, normal life ought ensue.

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