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Democrats Are Losing Their Minority Voters

Photo by Adam Schultz on Flickr. License Here.

While The Biden Administration tries to navigate their way through Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, they’re losing voters on the home front. Recent polling paint a picture that Democrats’ prized base—minorities—are leaving the party.

The drift of the Hispanic vote began to surface during the 2020 election. In both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections Democrats took the majority of the Hispanic vote. But former president Trump saw unprecedented gains—an increase of 10% according to Pew Research Center—among Hispanics come his second run for The Oval Office. Notably, these gains come off of four years of relentless smearing from Democrats that depicted Trump as a racist. Much of this increase came from Hispanics without college degrees, presumably those who are in lower income brackets.

This gap is continues to close in 2022. According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, Hispanic voters are split evenly between the parties when historically the demographic heavily leans blue. Commenting on the poll, The Hill alleges political polls favor the participation of English speaking Hispanics and those in higher income brackets. If so, it could be the Hispanic vote leans more red than the WSJ poll reports because Trump has more support among non-college educated Hispanics.

Likely the slow drift of the Democrats’ prized demographic is their messaging. Professing progressives—and liberals at large—incessantly speak on climate change and racial equity. But many working class Hispanics are employed in the energy sectors of oil and gas. In fact, Hispanics are the second largest ethnic group in the oil industry. Indeed, Hispanics are concerned about climate change and “racial equity” more than the average American, but the demographic’s concern regarding the economy overshadows every other issue. Moreover, the demographic is drifting away from those liberal talking points when looking back on the data. In 2016, 72% of voting Hispanics considered treatment of racial minorities as a “very important” issue. That fell to 66% in 2020. Climate change followed suit and fell from 68% to 60% among Hispanics.

Biden reels in ivory-tower progressives via postmodern messaging, but that same messaging is starting to push lower-middle class Hispanics away. The Hispanic values are drifting and Biden’s refuses to change for one reason or another.

Black voters are beginning to exit, too. Biden’s approval numbers have been in free-fall since his inauguration and at the the time of this article’s publication 53% of Americans disapprove of the sitting president. Perhaps, Biden’s standing among Black voters has contributed to his mass disapproval the most. According to an NBC News poll, Black support for Biden dropped from 83% in April 2021 to 64% in January 2022—an impressive drop for a president that has sat in The Oval Office for only 14 months.

… I feel like Trump had more of an impact, even though I did not like Trump as President. But he had more of an impact than Biden has done for the past few Black woman responded in a Navigator Research survey.

Many media outlets suppose this erosion of Biden’s black supporters is caused by the president’s empty promises. This is likely the case regarding the economy, because Biden refuses to use the vast USA oil reserves while pandering to electric vehicles during all time high gas prices. But not so much when this logic applies to voter ID laws. Black voters aren’t angry with Biden for not delivering on his promises to rid the nation of “Jim Crow 2.0″ as he calls it—requiring ID to vote—it’s that Black voters simply aren’t concerned about the issue as much as Biden thinks they are. According to a Rasmussen Reports poll, 7/10 Black Americans think voter ID should be required for voting.

If Democrats want to keep any of their voter base in the future they ought to consider minorities don’t think in a monolith.

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