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De Blasio Is Turning NYC Into A Corona Gulag

Photo credit goes to Gage Skidmore. The license for this photo can be viewed here.

In his latest overreach yet Bill de Blasio will implement a vaccine mandate for private sector employees in NYC. In addition, the mayor announces that 5 year olds must provide proof-of-vaccination to enter NYC buildings for indoor dining and entertainment. Both regulations are set to initiate December 27 of this year.

The mayor’s announcement makes it seem concern of the Omicron variant is what sparked the mandate. But considering Omicron’s nature, this looks to be a scapegoat. Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who discovered the variant, reports there isn’t a reason for panic. In fact the cases she’s observed are mild. Other medical professionals (appearing on CNN) have agreed with the doctor, and Fauci himself said early reports on Omicron are “encouraging”. But De Blasio, who heralds “science” to be his guide in determining COVID policy, has chosen to forgo his prior way of decision making and results to a type of COVID superstition. COVID is almost irrelevant to children, yet the mayor demands vaccination for children who wish to live a normal life in NYC. De Blasio’s mandates are Draconian at best, and his motives become questionable when one weighs the demand for children to show their vaccine papers versus an infinitesimal risk.

The vaccines don’t even prevent the spread of coronavirus. What exactly does the mayor mean when he says Together we can save lives and move forward? Mandates can’t come from a place of benevolence if the jabs only benefit the individual.

Only a few months ago the mayor said these words when speaking on Andrew Cuomo, “This is not a democracy when someone rules like a tyrant and threatens, bullies … whatever it is, it’s this constant use of power for personal gain, far beyond the boundaries of what we should ever accept.” Indeed, de Blasio’s statement here couldn’t be more true–even more when considered in light of his own actions.

Those unwilling to comply with de Blasio will lose their jobs right after Christmas. The term “essential worker” is an oxymoron within the city limits of NYC: you’re only essential if you’re jabbed. Nevermind that de Blasio threw a parade for essential workers earlier this year where they celebrated as heroes. “Essential” is only an abstract term, and is no different than “expendable, unless you’re jabbed of course” in application.

De Blasio may even require booster shots in the future if NYC residents want to participate in society. If the mayor’s actions don’t make it clear that NYC will be ruled with medical-apartheid, his words are explicit, “If you want to participate in our society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated … “. Perhaps in the near future we will know if NYC becomes the American version of Australia. Or Germany, where only the unvaccinated are on lockdown. Contemplating it could be a reality isn’t out of conspiracy–after all, many of the labeled “conspiracy theorists” have become oracles since their predictions were true this year.

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