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Cuomo Fired, CNN’s Future Becomes Uncertain

CNN announced on a Twitter account they have terminated their lead anchor Chris Cuomo. The termination is “effective immediately”.

Cuomo was put on indefinite suspension following revelations that he was aiding his brother, former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, with his sexual harassment allegations. 11 women total have come out claiming the former Governor sexually harassed them in some way, sparking multiple investigations, some of which are still underway.

Now, after an outside legal review of this information, CNN has fired Chris Cuomo.

According to the news release from CNN, new information about Cuomo’s involvement was uncovered: “While in the process of that review, additional information has come to light …“. Even though CNN has terminated Cuomo, the news outlet plans to “ … investigate as appropriate.“.

CNN’s future is uncertain given the growing media distrust in the populous. Not only that, FOX news is galloping ahead of one of American’s most watched networks. The month before Cuomo’s suspension (and subsequent termination) Cuomo Prime Time had the least amount of viewers ever. Cuomo’s show brought in 774,000 views while Tucker Carlson had nearly over 3.5 million viewers.

Out of the 100 most watched shows on television, Fox News took 71 of those slots and tripled CNN’s viewers according to

Cuomo’s termination was likely a damage control situation for CNN considering they sought legal counsel. But, media distrust and the success of FOX news aren’t the only problems the network faces. More people are getting news from independent creators on YouTube and Podcast format. Creators like Dave Rubin, who just joined forces with the free speech centered network Rumble, are leading the way. Elijah Schaffer, a staunch conservative, launched the You Are Here podcast and YouTube channel three months ago and now has over 101k subscribers and regularly places on the Apple Podcast charts.

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