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The Illogic of Mandates

Photo from Pixabay.

Big Brother

Facebook has your number if your social media posts are mentioning anything about COVID. In 2020 the social media giant would roll-out their COVID fact-checking escapade in the name of public safety. Since then Facebook has scant let up, and in 2021 have tightened their information surveillance. Any content mentioning “COVID”, “Coronavirus”, or “Vaccine” are labeled and point viewers to health authorities – the World Health Organization. If content is labeled as COVID misinformation the user gets the ban hammer after multiple offenses. Evidently, all information containing these words is regulated by technocratic algorithms. It seems information regulation is now far from a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory.

But, if the information tyranny wasn’t bad enough, lockdowns and mandates would embody the spirit of governmental totalitarianism.

Australia? More Like Dystopia

Australia has seen some of the worst lockdowns. Government authorities have now released the military into the streets enforcing a new, stricter policy. Australian citizens of select states are only permitted to leave their homes for groceries, medicinal purposes, essential exercise, or caregiving. Admittedly, Australia was hit hard with COVID, but it’s questionable why the military is needed (ethical questions aside). It is true Australia is experiencing a rise in COVID cases, however, the death rate remains around the lows. Intellectual dishonestly must be practiced ignoring this overstretch of power by the Australian government.

The United States, the Land of the Free, is not exempt from using tyrannical measures. There is much talk about vaccine mandates in the media.


Perhaps there is an argument to be made for vaccine mandates, if, in fact, remaining unvaccinated was unethical. But, the data suggest that the vaccines do work in preventing deaths from COVID. And, if a person is concerned about COVID the vaccines are available down the street, literally. If a person chooses to remain unvaccinated they are at no ethical fault considering how available vaccines are for the people choosing vaccination. Protecting yourself involves virtually zero friction. Entities are even paying folks to get vaccinated.

What about the unvaccinated infecting the unvaccinated? This poses a second ethical question. Again, perhaps there is an argument for vaccine mandates if unvaccinated people are at ethical fault for other unvaccinated people. But, such an argument falls under examination. If two parties choose to remain unvaccinated, it is by their own libertarian free-will. Both have consciously taken the risk of remaining unvaccinated –and vaccines are so readily available– therefore, if one suffers the consequences of COVID via infection by the other, it is only by their volition. Neither person is at fault of the other’s consequences because both have voluntarily taken the risk of remaining unvaccinated.

But alas, the onset of vaccine passports is here. The Biden administration announced this year that federal employees are required to affirm vaccination status to continue on-site employment. In doing so, the Biden administration is dangling the livelihood of it’s employees of their heads, threatening to strip it away if they remain unvaccinated. Recently, de Blasio has embraced vaccine mandates by becoming the first city requiring citizens to produce proof of vaccination if they want to partake in society indoors.

The mayor is not shy. In a press conference de Blasio is quoted “If you want to participate is society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated.” Indeed, the voices in support of vaccinate mandates are loud and clear. In a conversation with Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon said on CNN said, “… Don’t get the vaccine? You can’t go to the supermarket. Don’t have a vaccine can’t show it? Can’t go to the ball game. Don’t have a vaccine? Can’t go to work. You don’t have a vaccine? Can’t come here. No shirt, no shoes, no service. That’s where I think we should be right now.”

It is frightening how fervent the political left is in taking away employment from those choosing to remain unvaccinated.

American private businesses aren’t doing much to prevent the wave of COVID tyranny, either. Tyson Foods, Disney, and Google have also moved in favor of vaccine mandates. Any Google search will produce media stories about private businesses handing out vaccine mandates. Although, there are many anecdotes on Twitter.

Abbot and Desantis

These mandates placing people between putting food on the table and getting a vaccine are demonstrably amoral. Thankfully, there are a few politicians with a spine that are fighting back against COVID tyranny. Ron Desantis of Florida has been unwavering in his anti-mandate stance. In a press conference last week the governor replied to Joe Biden’s “at least get out of the way … ” comment with “I am standing in your way. And I’m standing for the people of Florida.” Desantis, now a superstar among the Republican party, is setting himself up well for a future run at The Presidency.

Greg Abbot, though certainly more soft-spoken over his peer, is also fighting tyrannical pressure. Abbot has recently signed an executive order prohibiting government entities from mandating masks. Just a few days ago Abbot went on record to say, “lockdowns are wrong during the course of a pandemic. … there will not be any government-imposed shutdowns or mask mandates.” Abbot is quieter than his Florida peer, however, he’s certainly just as firm.

Hopefully, these two governors will inspire other political figures to stand up against COVID tyranny. However, with the takeover of the political left and their moral depravity, the advantage doesn’t seem to be on the side of freedom.


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