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CNN Medical Analyst Wishes Biden Would Implement Medical Apartheid

Now void of any subtlety, COVID Safeists yearn for a society where citizens are separated into classes by their vaccination status. In their eyes, people who submit to vaccination gain moral high-ground, and therefore special privilege, whereas those relying on natural immunity are The Untouchables. The Western world hasn’t reached that point yet, saving a few cities, though it’s what many desire it seems.

Dr. Leana Wen, CNN’s medical analyst, expressed her critique of Biden’s apparently lack-luster vaccination measures:

… I completely agree with President Biden’s message from a public health standpoint. … Vaccinated people are protected from severe outcomes from Omicron, especially if they are vaccinated and boosted. I think also that vaccinated people have gone through so much during this pandemic, there are millions of Americans that have done the right thing … and they should no longer have to pay the price because there are people choosing to remain unvaccinated … the goal, really, and I wish President Biden would have done more of this during his speech … I wish that he would have gone to all of things that should be done to restrict the activity of the unvaccinated. … The unvaccinated are the ones predominantly getting people sick, overwhelming our hospitals, spreading Coronavirus … “ Wen went on to allude that cities where unvaccinated are heavily restricted, like Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle, lead by example.

Dr. Wen’s claims aren’t based on what the data suggest. Wen says that vaccinated people are protected from severe outcomes from Omicron, but this doesn’t mean that people who’ve been exposed to COVID naturally aren’t protected like she frames. Multiple studies suggest that natural immunity provides more robust and longer lasting protection than vaccine-induced immunity. That isn’t to say vaccination is useless, but the way Wen is framing the conversation suggests that unvaccinated people are at severe risk, which is demonstrably false if they’ve already been exposed to COVID.

The unvaccinated are the ones who are predominantly getting people sick … spreading Coronavirus” Is another sweeping statement from the doctor, Wen must hide behind the term “unvaccinated” to retain credibility. It’s true those who are unexposed spread the virus more than those who have been vaccinated. However, those who have gained natural immunity have less break-through infections according to studies coming out of Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries. In the end, unvaccinated people aren’t at risk. Unexposed people are at risk, and at this point, virtually everyone has been exposed since the start of the pandemic in 2019. Vaccination is only a means to an end, not an end to a means.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that Dr. Wen and Fauci followers are acting in good faith if they were taking the data seriously and centering the conservation around exposure, not vaccination. If they were acting like actual scientists, they would be screening for anti-bodies. Not asking for proof-of-vaccination. Moreover, if the data were taken seriously, those who have gained natural immunity should be receiving the treatment vaccinated people are getting now. Instead, taking the vaccine is a sign of moral piety. In Wen’s own words, “… there are millions of Americans that have done the right thing.

COVID Safeists use the vaccine to weed out those who don’t express their desired moral piousness similar to how Black Lives Matter uses black people. BLM activists punish those who don’t get on their knees to admit a racism inherited by their lack of melanin, and a COVID Safeist government does the same, locking people in their homes or stripping them of employment if they don’t “do the right thing“.

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