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Biden And The Red Tsunami

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There isn’t a doubt the Biden Administration has cinched down power use amidst America’s COVID-19 recovery. Biden originally said he was against COVID vaccine mandates, but shockingly, the president actioned executive powers using OSHA as an enforcement arm to force employers to require the vaccine for their employees. The President insists on Americans masking up regardless of their vaccination status.

However, in light of recent gubernatorial elections, rallying conservative voices and angry parents–did Biden open the floodgates of a red tsunami?

Biden’s executive order requires employers to mandate a COVID vaccine if they have 100+ employees–if they don’t comply, they’ll face OSHA fines of up to $14,000 per employee. Surgeon general Vivek Murphy appeared on ABC news, “...the administration is certainly prepared to defend them [mandates]”, he said.

Biden’s mandate sparked an outrage among conservative voices prompting many to dig their heels in the ground. The Daily Wire announced on November 4 it wouldn’t be complying with the mandates and filed a lawsuit against OSHA with the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. They’ve partnered with Dhillon Law Group and Alliance Defending Freedom.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Asbury Seminary have announced they, too, will join the legal fight and be represented by Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF attorneys argue that Biden has no constitutional grounds to impact the employment practices of religious institutions, or that of any places of employment. The President of Southern Baptist, Albert Mohler, said on Twitter, “Religious institutions must not be turned into instruments of government coercion. That’s why we are taking this action.” when announcing the lawsuit.

The above parties are only from the private and religious sectors; following them are 26 states filing lawsuits. Last week, Louisiana Attorney General announced the state was suing, “… perhaps The President forgot that we are a republic–and not a monarchy.” he said on his Twitter.

Greg Abbott (Governor, TX) and Ron DeSantis (Governor, FL), who both take a pro-vaccine stance, joined Louisiana by announcing their suits the same day. The Republican governors are joined by the only outspoken Democrat governor against the mandates, Laura Kelly of Kansas.

And evidently the blowback was effective. The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued a temporary block on the mandate only two days after states and private organizations announced their suits. The Biden Administration is required to respond promptly, but has verbally encouraged businesses to mandate the vaccine anyway.

Republicans have been vocal about their anti-mandate stance since the beginning, so lawsuits coming out of conservative states aren’t surprising (saving Laura Kelly). But, few were expecting the Republican performance in the gubernatorial elections last week.

Glenn Youngkin became the first Republican to win a Virginia statewide office since 2009–and Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears became the first black woman to be elected as such. Republicans had their best performance in New York since 2016 and nearly won the election in the blue stronghold of New Jersey. Senator Joe Manchin (D) said the Republican victory in Virginia was a “wake up call” for Democrats.

The conservative base gained steam at school board meetings. In August, Matt Walsh’s fiery speech at the Nashville School Board meeting went viral. Walsh received a standing ovation from parent attendees after rattling off a slew COVID-19 statistics, showing how COVID is of virtually zero-threat to children. Walsh went on the road later in September to Virginia to attend a Loudon County School District board meeting and organize a protest. Angry parents turned up with no opposition, protesting COVID restrictions, Critical Race Theory and transgender policies. One parent approached the podium and proceeded to read books containing pedophilic content to the school board; book that were found at the school district’s libraries for students.

The Nashville and Virginia meetings aren’t isolated events. School board meetings in Los Angeles, Florida and New Jersey have been filled with parents voicing their concerns about vaccine mandates and mask requirements for students. Perhaps COVID policies are complicit in the rise in homeschooling rates.

And now, Joe Biden’s approval rating is in the gutter–On August 30, 2021 the disapproval rating crossed into the majority and has been in an uptrend since his inauguration. Kamala Harris’ rating dismal. Election results, parent sentiment and reactions to COVID tyranny may be indicators of a paradigm shift. If conservatives can continue to win fights in the culture war (which they haven’t historically) and in the polling booths, Democrats have a good chance of being blind-sided come next presidential race.


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