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An Email From Trump With Nuclear Codes Is Circulating Liberal Twitter. Its Fake.

Gage Skidmore on Flickr.

Trumps hallmark polemic “Fake News!” remains valid after recent developments on Twitter.

An image of an email from Trump circulated among liberal accounts. The message “The nuke codes are 15-25-50-80 … Can I count on you to donate” was contained in the apparent email. From the looks of the image, the email is meant to generate a connection with MAGA voters by simulating a highly personalized message.

The twitter account breaking the image was @Mueller, She Wrote, a progressive twitter account with over 300k followers. The tweet of the image gathers 5534 retweets and over 1000 replies. An overwhelming majority of the replies mock the image, saying things like “I’m shocked people are shocked!! Of course he will exploit anything and everything.

The image is fabricated.

The Associated Press reported, “CLAIM: Image shows a fundraising email by former President Donald Trump sharing ‘nuke codes,’ following the federal search warrant executed at his Florida residence AP’S ASSESSMENT: Altered photo. Trump’s team did not send that email, a representative confirmed. An actual email with the same subject line and banner image contained different body text.”

AP reported that, indeed, Trump’s team is sending emails to garner donations post-Mar-a-Largo estate raid by the FBI. But none of those emails include “nuke codes”. The Trump team did send an email with the same subject line, but nothing about weapons of mass destruction.

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